Welcome to Dominica Island

Hi! Have you been searching for an escape, … just longing to lose yourself in the loving arms of Mother Nature, serenaded by the melodious chirping of exotic birds, soothed by gently blowing wind as it fills your nostrils and purifies your body, mind and spirit?

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Do you yearn to feel that tingle from the fresh morning dew as it gently caresses you… see the first blossoms of daisies, violets, wild orchids, lilies and daffodils as they slowly twirl in your direction and seek your approval… touch the fragile wings of butterflies as they welcome and find security in your presence… Do you desire a taste of Nature at its best?

Come… take a moment, just relax, and forget about your monotonous daily routines or the demands of life… Life, which can adopt a brand new meaning, offer its best, and grant a new beginning… right here in nature’s haven.

Set your mind at rest, yet ponder on nature’s mysteries… the coexistence of such flamboyant life forms in the midst of hot sulfuric gases steaming through fumaroles, boiling lakes and streams arising to the earth’s crust from way down deep within its belly; yet, cascading waterfalls tumble and fresh water springs bubble at your feet.

Feel free to be totally disconnected, or keep in touch through very reliable telecommunication services… surf the net, ring your family and friends via affordable mobile phone services. Claim your share of paradise. Invest in real estate possibilities. Build yourself another sanctuary away from home in a land that lures you to bed at nights with the golden descent of the sun, the slow rise of a crescent moon, twinkling stars that beckon to you from afar, while the soft splash of waves, or gentle flow of meandering rivers whisper to you their lullabies. This beautiful island and more can be all yours through the help and support of Dominica CBI Real Estate, offering reliable real estate project development support. Savor these moments in the comfort of a log cabin nestled in nature’s bosom, a guest house on the skirts of the city, or a hotel overlooking the ever drowsy Caribbean Sea.

Do not be fearful of basking in the pleasure of being received with open arms, warm smiles, friendly handshakes, or treated as if you were two again, being fed on freshly squeezed orange juice, pineapple slices, homemade bread, and amazing local dishes all prepared with freshly picked chives, celery and parsley leaves, consummated with a cup of steaming cinnamon bark tea.

Then, fill your day with adventurous hikes over steaming rocks in the volcanic Valley of Desolation, to preserved ruins of sugar mills that testify to the horrendous era of African slavery, through the mysterious trails of “Escalier Tet Chien” (French creole for Serpent Steps), historic sites of the “Cabrits”, reminiscent of the days when fearless hearts battled to conquer new lands, or visit the interior reserves of Carib Indian communities; a clear demonstration of the preservation of not only history or ancestry, but the indigenity of heritage.

The ocean is yours. Snorkel through coral fields, sheer walls, volcanic thermal vents and pinnacles, as you experience the true meaning of marine biodiversity as it abounds through the presence of schools of tropical sea horses, sting rays, barracuda, turtles, octopus, eagle rays and peeking moray eels. Or, choose to kayak on aqua shores, or the sleeping waters of the Fresh Water Lake embedded within rich mangrove life.

Inquire about forming your own offshore company in a tax haven that enables you to wisely incorporate your wealth. Discover the possibilities of part taking in the development of nature resorts, health and beauty spas, diversification schemes towards renewable energy through the exploitation of nature’s readily available geothermal resources, the development of organic farming projects, the revolutionizing of medicine by the construction of scientific labs in seeking to find cures for diseases via herbal remedies, or even medicinal sulfur spring baths for the healing of skin ailments: rediscover Mother Nature’s healing powers.

Inquire, invest and be part of what could without a doubt, in the not too distant future, become the answer for mankind… something different… different from the everyday white sand beaches, beach hotels, manmade pools… Although of course, you can treat yourself to the best of two worlds in just one! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Is there?

“Waitikubuli” is her name. Long is her body; she boasts of a colorful history.

Besides her distinct majestic mountains, her strategic location in the direct center of the chain of Windward Caribbean Islands made her Columbus’s first stop on Sunday, November 3rd, 1943, during his second voyage to the New World. Domingo – the Lord’s Day, Dominica – her name. Well… Columbus just probably forgot that he had already given this name to another island on his first voyage; Santo Domingo that is, and unfortunately, was unaware of the confusion that would have eventually ensued.

Despite this however, be always mindful of two things: Dominica – familiar term for the name Commonwealth of Dominica, English and French Creole speaking former British colony, home of the Amazona Imperialis (Sisserou or Imperial Parrot) her National Bird, the First female Caribbean Prime Minister – Dame Mary Eugenia Charles, host of the annually held World Creole Music Festival featuring various internationally renowned French, African, Reggae and Calypso artists, the only World Heritage Site in the English speaking Caribbean, and neighbor to both French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. Dominican Republic – Spanish speaking Caribbean country bordering with Haiti on the island of Hispaniola.

In the midst of all this however, you will be comforted and reassured to learn that the Nature Isle is politically stable and is run by a hard working Government who looks forward to accommodating visitors, investors while ensuring that the necessary systems are in place in order to provide decent living standards for its people. The nation’s needs are met through proper medical, educational, business and financial institutions, including a vibrant police force that oversees the overall safety of Dominicans. As can be proudly stated, the latter is facilitated by a very low crime rate and the outspoken, yet God fearing and peaceful nature of the people.

I’m sure you are in need of this. Aren’t you? Would you mind taking a chance as many others do? Come on. Do not hesitate, and come visit us in the Nature Isle – Dominica. Defy the everyday!