Dominica Accommodations

Deciding which Dominica hotel or where to stay in Dominica could never be a hard decision. The range of Dominica accommodation is as diverse as its environment. Whether you are an over-nighter or an extended stay visitor, there is suitable and unique Dominica accommodation which will meet every budget, style and each individual’s personal taste.

By and large, the style of Dominica accommodation is synonymous with its habitat, you will find mountainous lodges, beachfront cottages, natural health resorts and spas scattered over the island’s coast, its mountains and forested areas. One will find the more commercial business style Dominica hotel in the heart of the business sector and its environs, but there are no international (Dominica) hotel chains yet on island. There are specialized Dominica hotels for divers, hikers, business travelers, honeymooners, and for the health and wellness oriented. Each of these specialized Dominica hotels offers a specially designed product, the service and amenities meant for their niche market.

Restaurant photos aim to give clients overseas as well as locally based who have not yet visited Fusion Village Dominica a vivid idea of what Fusion Village offers.

Of the 82 established Dominica accommodation properties, one can choose from small Dominica hotels, guest houses, apartment and rooms, Dominica villas and cottages and all inclusive resorts and spas. There are several major Dominica resort developments underway on the East coast of the islands. Although there is much range in the type of Dominica accommodation, each provides something unique, be it the architecture, the services, the cuisine, or their location.

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All Dominica accommodations provide basic amenities and private bathrooms. The central Dominica hotels such as Fort Young Hotel, Evergreen Hotel, and Anchorage Hotel have swimming pools on location. Some small eco friendly lodges have private pools and spas.

For the visitor and business traveler who wishes to stay close to close to the business hub more accessible capital of Roseau, there is the option of small hotels, guest houses and apartments to choose from. The Garraway Hotel, The Sutton Place Hotel, Eve Greens Guesthouse are situated in the heart of the city, within walking distance of all business and commercial services, supermarkets and entertainment.

For the eco tourist and the environmentalist our widest range of Dominica accommodation options falls into this category. Dominica is branded an ecotourism destination, attracting ecologically and socially conscious visitor. The product is for the adventurer, the fun seeker. The cultural heritage, the flora and the fauna replace the white sand beaches, the large hotels chains, and the shopping centers. The primary attractions are our mountains, falls, lakes, rivers, dive sites.

The most recognized and highly rated Three (3) Rivers Eco Lodge located on the edge of a rain forest in the eastern side of Dominica. The eco lodge is made up of traditional jungle cabins and bamboo tree houses. They offer nature hikes, rainforest, river pools and nature adventure among others. The Dominica company engages in renewable energy sources, recycling, and works in harmony with its locale, its people and embraces the cuisine, the culture in its everyday operations. There are many other sites which fit the ecotourism clients, and those are located island wide, with much variety in Dominica lodgings. The tourist seeking to soak in some brilliant Caribbean sunshine and sea can head to a Dominica beach hotel, villa or cottage on or near a beach. Dominica hotels such as this are spread out in different parts of the island. The Castaways Hotel is a great Hotel located on a beach. Not only does it provide great accommodation but it is situated near a diving site, therefore the hotel is able to provide diving and snorkeling tours

For the visitor looking to relax and enjoy a stress free vacation there are hotels and guest houses which have hot pools and sulfur baths and mud baths readily available. These include Papillote wilderness Retreat, where the visitor can not only soak in hot water baths but can relax in a truly natural environment surrounded by forest and birds. Dominica Resorts such as Jungle Bay in Delices, a small village in the south west of the island offers Spa services.

The choice of Domincia accommodations depends on the visitor’s preferences and also the activity that they choose to partake in. The person who enjoys adventure and hiking may choose to live near the prime hiking trails, the Business person near town. Whatever your activity Dominica provides an array of accommodations though they may be small but be sure that you will be well taken care of and will want to return in a heartbeat to soak in more of the “ Nature Island”. What is guaranteed is a warm, friendly, knowledgeable, authentic Dominican experience.