Dominica Attractions, and things to do

It is never too difficult to decide things to do in Dominica for the island offers an assortment of activities for all ages to enjoy. Land or water based activities from hiking, bird watching, scenic island tours, specialized field trips, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, whale and dolphin excursions, river tubing, canyon climbing, river tours, historical site visits, architectural tours, aerial rides and so much more.

The main Dominica attractions can be easily highlighted, but there are many unique finds waiting to be discovered in its nook and crannies. An easy stroll through the capital of Roseau becomes a tour on its own. A visit to one of the local bars, or hang outs becomes a fun filled activity as well. Experience the culture, the sights, sound and cuisine of our country in a trip to the Roseau Market at the break of dawn on any Saturday morning. It does not matter if you are an adventurous thrill seeker, or a reserved book worm, whether single or with family or friends, you will find some form of memorable entertainment. These Dominica attractions and tours are spread island wide, most designed around the habitat conducive to the activity.

In the central forested, mountainous regions of Dominica, the main tourist activities are hiking to our best Dominica attractions. The Hiking trails are popular, but a hike to the Boiling Lake, the world’s second largest boiling lake, is a hike graded as hard in difficulty and is not for unfit hiker. This is a grueling all day guided hike through forested highlands, the Valley of Desolation and past many panoramic viewpoints. The result is an exhilarating experience, where you sit atop the crater, while you dine on simple locally made snacks, and take in the wonder.

Fusion Village Roseau is sure to satisfy. With an amazing selection of dishes and drinks, Fusion Village attracts local as well as visitors on tour to the island. Not far from Fusion village you can find company registry, place where Dominica company registration happening.

Climb our highest mountain, Morne Diablotin (4747ft) where the trail to the mountain begins in the Syndicate Forest in the north of the island. This is a hike for the fit, active and one who would definitely enjoy an obstacle course. The hike on and around the Morne Trois Piton National Park will reveal the spectacular Middleham Falls. The Fresh Water Lake can be accessed by any four wheel vehicle, and a short 45 minute hike continues onto the Boeri Lake.

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In the north of the island, The Indian River is also a great place for adventure, sight-seeing and the viewing of the country’s wildlife. Take a ride on a local canoe, where a guide takes you through the meandering river. On this trip expect to see iguanas, wild pigs, sea birds and other wildlife in their natural habitat. There is a cozy bar is situated up the river where visitors can have a drink of its infamous rum punch.

Also in the north of island is the historical Cabrits National Park. A twin peaked peninsular with well maintained trails and magnificent panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and the Portsmouth harbor. Onsite, there is an educational Visitors Center and a short hike away, the well restored and preserved historical landmark, Fort Shirley, outfitted with its original cannons.

A scenic drive along the east coast will lead you to The Carib Territory, home to the only surviving population of indigenous Carib Indians in the whole of the Caribbean. The Caribs are well-known for their handicrafts such as basket weaving and carving, and these products as well as local cuisine can be purchased from the kiosks set up in the model Carib Village. This is an educational and recreational tour for all ages.

Aerial rides or Botany trips with a forest ranger though our primitive rainforest or a stroll through the befitting Botanical Gardens (which is located in near the nation’s capital) will ensure you see Dominica’s diverse flora and fauna. Highlights on these excursions are the variety of vibrant orchids, bromeliads, and heliconias. The Botanical Gardens contains a bird sanctuary where the national bird, the Sisserou Parrot and the Jaco parrot can be seen up close.

A field trip with a bird expert will prove to be delightful and educational while you identify some of the 175 species of birds found on the island. Such a trip through the Syndicate Forest should reveal the countries two native parrots, and other endemics such as the Mangrove Cuckoo and the Blue Hooded Euphonia.

The Trafalgar Falls are in close proximity to Roseau, and only a 20 minute forested walk from the village of Trafalgar. An uphill winding rocky trail leads you to the twin falls and large pools at the base of each. A swim in the frigid water is sure to take your breath away.

While still on land, you can take advantage of setting your own pace by renting a car and taking a scenic drive along Dominica’s South East Coast, or you can hire a driver to do this as well. The scenery is breathtaking, mostly taking you along a gently winding road, pass many rivers include the Sari Sari River and the White River. You will find inviting pools where you can stop and swim. Along this route is the hiking trail to the Victoria and Sari Sari Falls.

Along the north east coast, you will find our few secluded white sand beaches, red-rock landscapes, rock formations and inlets. There are quaint villages like Calibishie which are visitor friendly, offering a plethora of local bars, charming restaurants and a handful of souvenir shops.

For the marine minded, there are endless activities. A must do experience is a snorkeling or diving excursion to the Champagne Reef accessible by land as well, this site is breathtaking for its underwater fumaroles out of which pours endless effervescent bubbles. The biodiversity on this reef is extensive.

Soufriere’s Hot Springs is a 35 minute drive to the south end of the island. In the sea immediately in front the historic old church (which was used in several major films like Pirate of Caribbean) you will find a hot water pool enclosed by rocks. The thermal vents along this stretch of coast are responsible for the bubbles and warm to hot water. It is said to have therapeutic benefits and many of the elder folk of village can be found basking in the pools during the day. The pool is open to public day and night, and is a romantic treat on a full-moon night.

Whale and Dolphin excursions are offered by several establishments on island. The excursions are guaranteed to yield a sighting of the resident Sperm whales, and or other species of whales such as Pygmy and Pilot, Spinner, Spotted and Atlantic dolphins, and even a rare glimpse of a migrating humpback.

Dominica is ranked in the top five destinations in the Caribbean for its unspoiled diving. Diving in Dominica is exceptional; with over 30 spectacular sites and diverse marine habitats, including pinnacles, caverns, sheer walls and coral reefs. Diving excursions are available to only certified divers and can be arranged through any one of the dive centers located on the west coast of Dominica.

The Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve is the government protected marine area, and is notably the paramount area with many first class sites. Seahorses, turtles, batfish, lobsters and crabs and other rare marine life are found throughout this area. Many of the sites are sheltered from strong currents and shallow enough to enjoy snorkeling.

After a day of getting the feet wet, or traversing the country by foot or car, it’s time to relax and take in the warmth and hospitality of the people who call this island home. There is not much by way of tourist designed recreational nightlife, but the people of the country are not bored and have their own unique ways of winding down and “taking-the-load-off”. After work hours, you will find many bars and rum shops get busy with a flurry of activities: eating locally prepared fresh food, drinking the local brews, including a wide range of rums, playing dominoes or other card games, or following a good game of cricket on television. The energy can only be experienced and is hard to put into words. Dominicans are welcoming and gracious, and often find much joy in teaching visitors about it social life, their interest, the sports, the language engaging them in it. A visit to any local rum shop or the nightly fish fry is truly the best way to experiences the laid back and relaxed, hospitable attitudes of the people.